Friday, 9 March 2018

Life Is Collective Leadership

Lucira Jane Nebelung 

Says Lucira Jane Nebelung

The notion that only some of us are "leaders" is based in the patriarchal power paradigm of wealth, status and control. Conscious Leadership is the emergence of Collective Leadership, that we are ALL Leaders. It is the active awareness of our unity. It is the realization that I Am You, You Are Me. In Life, ALL is One, interdependent, interconnected, interwoven. 

This seeing ourselves in all others is empathy which is not some "feel good" or "do good" emotion. Empathy is the experience of our Unity with others and Life, our connection that is literally hardwired within our brain physiology in our mirror neurons. Conscious Leaders enact this Unity Consciousness of Collective Leadership. 

Leadership is about the deeper meaning of collaboration that starts with a blank page. It is not about gluing together existing egos and ideas. It's about allowing the emergence of ideas and actions that didn't exist before everyone entered the room. It is about letting go of outcomes: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Unity Consciousness does not mean the echo chamber of groupthink. It is the wisdom, humility and gratitude that we are all in this Life together and that EVERYONE offers something unique that complements everyone else without competition. Wherever two or more are gathered... 

Contrast this with the patriarchal power paradigm of separation and status with focus on preconceived agendas, outcomes, results, goals (yes, including profits) which suppress and limit possibilities and potential. We immaturely abdicate our responsibility and accountability for Leading our Life, giving our power to others over us to "fix" things for us as we follow along in allegiance to labels and ideologies. The watch out for initiatives/movements such as Conscious Capitalism, Conscious Business, etc., is to be aware of this and not create another form of this power and profit-motive paradigm.  

Conscious Leadership allows What Is to Be: Emergence of co-creative compassionate action. An example is Bill Drayton's social entrepreneurship of "cognitive empathy-based living for the good of all" that David Brooks recently described in the New York Times, Everyone a Change Maker. Our collective quality of life is dependent on a level playing field of food, shelter, health care, and education that ensures that no one is left behind in their opportunities for equality and equity, shared power and justice, and dignity and well-being.  

We Are One in Truth in the Unity of Spirit. We Are Unique in our Sovereignty of the Diversity of Souls. We have Freedom of Choice. Spirit-Soul-Creator is the fullness of our humanity. Life is indivisible. We violate the prime Law of One, the Law of Love every time we label ourselves and others and build concepts, ideologies and agendas around these labels that separate us. We diminish our Life experience and demean our humanity. Established labels and ideologies can only recreate the past not call forth and midwife our best future of Love in Action. 

Conscious Leadership focuses on process that fulfills our innate human needs: Connection and contribution (Spirit), purpose and meaning (Soul), self-determination and choice (Creator), and growth and self-actualization (Integrated Wholeness). It is the process of facilitating individual wholeness and so collective wholeness: If even one person's contribution, purpose, choice, and growth are missing, our actions and outcomes are incomplete and unsustainable. In addition, Conscious Leaders utilize social-economic-political justice as a process not as an outcome, the means BEING the end. 

Morality, ethics, integrity, and justice are the public face of Love. Our political landscape that is undermining our democracy is so destructive because it negates Collective Leadership. Conscious Leadership enacts the Truth that we are ALL Leaders so that EVERYONE thrives. Conscious Leadership brings the future into the present; it is Vision-in-Action. 

As Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock recently said in his annual letter to CEOs about where they will put their investments: 

"Without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential. It will ultimately lose the license to operate from key stakeholders. It will succumb to short-term pressures to distribute earnings, and, in the process, sacrifice investments in employee development, innovation, and capital expenditures that are necessary for long-term growth...

To have a purpose is vital for long term survivability and long-term profitability. The companies that have purpose are the best companies in the world because it unites their employees, it connects their clients, and most importantly it unites the organization onto a common plain."

We all are moving forward together as human beings in our expanding Wisdom of Collective Leadership. Profit is an outcome that emerges and optimizes itself when we focus on purpose, on actualizing our humanity.

A final thought: People in leadership roles cannot enact the Collective Leadership of Unity Consciousness, Conscious Leadership, if they are NOT in integrated wholeness, in Integrity, in Unity within themselves, mind, body, heart, and soul. We can only transform society by transforming ourselves; healing/wholing ourselves heals/wholes the system. Conscious Leadership is the choice and commitment to transform oneself so as to transform our lives. Truth, Self-Awareness, Self-Respect and Self-Worth are the foundation and catalysts for societal-economic-political transformation. Conscious Leadership brings the Truth of Unity of Collective Leadership to Life as the emerging paradigm.

Leading as Love is Service to Life. Leading is Love in Service to Life. Love Makes a Leader a Leader: Care, Understanding, Respect, and Responsibility for and Accountability to the Whole of Life.

The past four years I was Mom's "first responder" so that she could stay in her own home. I used the time to observe deeply to learn about myself, about leadership, about life. It seems that John's invitation from out of the blue was her message that it's "time to get back to work." John, thank you; I am with you all this week in Spirit and Love.

Lucira Jane Nebelung, Founder & Principal of Leading as Love ,
shares her perspective on conscious leadership.
She lives in Connecticut, USA

Friday, 25 November 2016

Events That Are Unthinkable Are Inevitable, Say Lucira Nebelung

by Lucira Jane Nebelung

Many of us are reeling with disbelief that DJT is our President-elect. Many are elated. I continue to have waves of tears of grief. I would like to offer a bit of perspective from the frame of human growth and development and our emotional-psychological-spiritual healing, both individual and collective.

Given that the election results split the outcome between the Electoral College and the majority popular vote, it appears that Trump was "chosen" for a greater reason and purpose that is beyond our conventional comprehension at this time. So read what I share with this perspective in mind. Also consider and include any other situations both personal and collective that you believe are "crises" at this time.

What We Disown Wreaks Havoc

Despite our claims of equality, this country was founded on and the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights were written from a white, patriarchal mindset while we engaged in genocide of Native Americans, slavery of people of color and contempt for and prejudice against women. DJT showed us that these injustices were never healed. These wounds merely went into our subconscious to be played out time and time again through our social-economic-political system and policies that are prevalent today. DJT exposed this with stark clarity; it's time for each of us to own our participation in this at both individual and societal levels.

DJT's election is our coming out of denial and acknowledging what is present under the surface. This enables and is a catalyst for our emotional-spiritual healing and growth. We must embrace our darkest shadows before we can integrate them to grow and evolve beyond them. We have never done this and we cannot move forward until we do. DJT's election symbolizes our readiness to heal and move forward. This does not mean that we placidly conform or remain silent. This does not mean that change will be without the discomfort of disruption and upheaval as we seek and create our way forward.

Hope Is Trust in Life, in Truth.

In order to heal, we have to feel. So, deeply feel your fears, anger and grief and try not to feed them with more fear-based thoughts. As challenging as it may seem, we are asked not to fight, blame, demonize, protest, or call anyone a name that further feeds polarity and separation. We are asked not to judge; we are asked to be Centered in Love and Compassion. Don't engage with and perpetuate fear. Don't engage with and perpetuate divisiveness. What we resist persists: Our divisiveness today creates continued divisiveness in the future. Self-righteousness is no different than hate. Channel your emotions into passion for constructive, positive actions that stand for equality, inclusion and justice.

Whether you voted for DJT or not, this election is catalyzing people to take action to change our culture at deep levels. The evolution of our humanity rests upon choosing to match our personal and collective beliefs with our True Nature that nurtures our spiritual as well as our physical needs. These needs cannot be mutually exclusive; one cannot exclude the other.

Unity is founded in the depths of our humanity by healing all forms of separation within ourselves - our beliefs that our labels and agendas are real - not by pretending the separation isn't there. We are all Leaders as we heal and integrate all divisions within so as to heal all divisions with and among others. Commitment to anything else is not Leadership and is not Love.

We are in a time of mass initiation and awakening. We must allow our hearts to break, personally and collectively, before we can heal. Our emotions are our connection to Spirit that when felt completely, bring us back to the Heart where we can engage fully with Life with Strength and Courage. We are simply ending one and beginning a new chapter that we get to write from a place of conscious Self-Awareness and Action as Love as Truth and Freedom, Unity and Wholeness. This is our Power as Leaders. This is our Power as Creators. This is our Power as Love. We are all in this together: The shared Power of Equality for social, economic and political justice.
Leadership is Service to Life. Leading is Love.
* Lucira Jane Nebelung Founder & Principal Leading as Love, Writes from Connecticut, USA.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Reflections on a Lifetime: My Offerings that Serve Life

by Lucira Jane Nebelung
For nearly 40 years, I have worked in individual, leadership and organizational alignment, growth, development, change, and transformation. Initially, I used conventional methods to "maximize performance", such as selection, performance management, learning and development, assessments and surveys, management systems and practices.
These all are founded in the belief in the need for conformity for the sake of reducing feared "chaos." All they really do is suppress results by seeking to eliminate our inherent diversity.

As time went on and I went deeper into who I am, I came to realize a paradox: That we only establish unity, truly collaborate and achieve potential, possibilities and results for ourselves and with others when each of us are contributing who we uniquely are as a human being. This goes deeper than labels or even talents and skills. Fully recognizing, acknowledging and owning all of ourselves through thoughtful reflection on our lives, allows us to be fully present with others. The "me" naturally becomes "we."

As we align ourselves within, with who we are as a human being, essentially unite with ourselves at the deepest level, we naturally align with, expand and amplify our contribution to Life through what we do with others.

Why Should You Care?
As you align to Let Your Life Speak, to Lead your Life through your Centerpoint for Being, you:
Live your personal Truth and compass for compassion, the ultimate flowering of Love, the unity within that unites you with Life.

Attune with the impulse and flow of Life as Wisdom, Love and Service.

Express your unique purpose, power and passion, your contribution to the whole that brings peace, joy and fulfilment.

Actualize your greatest potential and growth.

Have boundless Freedom and expression.

Walk your Path of integrating wholeness with a non-judgmental context and vantage point for yourself and your Life.

Are clear about who You Are and what no longer Serves you falls away, as you re-examine your belief systems and all that you held as unquestionable and absolute.

Are grounded in Self-Love. You see that you are not "better" or "less" than any one person or group, it is your uniqueness that makes you equal to and connects you with others. Your ideals for Life as Love are as valid as anyone else's.

Are guided to the highest and greatest good for all, starting with yourself.

Define your own Success. You Lead as Love.
The life I am living is not the same as the life that wants to live in me.
Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you. Before you tell your life what truths and values you have decided to live up to, let your life tell you what truths you embody, what values you represent.
My life is not only about my strengths and virtues; it is also about my liabilities and my limits, my trespasses and my shadow. An inevitable though often ignored dimension of the quest for "wholeness" is that we must embrace what we dislike or find shameful about ourselves as well as what we are confident and proud of.

Let Your Life Speak ~ Parker Palmer

You Lead Your Life
Perhaps our greatest fear is of the unknown, of losing certainty about life that comes with Love as Truth and Freedom. We release our past laden with regret, guilt and shame. We release the future crippled by expectations, apprehension and anxiety. We release comparison, competition and conflict. We release hate, the rejection of Love, and evil, the absence of Love, the rejection of Life.

There is an excitement of "what now?" with all its messiness as Life unfolds. We are present, wide open, courageous, without labels, ideologies or rules that tell us how to look, what to think, say or do, what goals to go after, or what we must have in order to "fit in." We innovate. We create the new.

Freed of the belief that conformity means you are connected and belong, there is no need for approval that we take as "love." You Are an integral part of and moved by Life Itself, inspired by your unique Centerpoint within. You Are the Power of Love.

Leading as Love is our mastery of Being a human being, our united and infinite intelligence consciously creating Life. It is only as you Lead your own Life that you Lead others.

As We Love We Lead - As We Lead We Love
Leading as Love is the conscious, active application of your Centerpoint for Being, your unique guiding principles, for every aspect of Life to unfold as Love. I guide you to your own inner voice of wisdom to consciously experience deeper meaning, purpose, contribution, growth, and choice.
* In your 20's and 30's - Establish your inner foundation for Life.
* In your 40's and 50's - Discover your universal contribution to Life.
* In your 60's and beyond - Actualize your legacy in Life.

We work together in grounded, practical ways in all aspects of your day-to-day life.
I Serve as a Friend who is a Maverick, Mystic, Messenger, Midwife, Mentor, Minister, and Partner in Life. As a coach, I work with you in the discovery and exploration of your Truth and Freedom. You strengthen and expand your expression of your unique Centerpoint for Being to Lead as Love.The commitment to Lead as Love is the one change that changes everything.

My Offerings
For those who ask, "So what do you do?"I offer Leading as Love for both alignment with and fulfilment of Life through your unique Centerpoint for Being. It is not about fixing a deficit; it is about opening to and expanding who you know yourself to Be expressed through what you do. Leading as Love is about you Being You.
Individuals, Leaders, Groups and Organizations
Working together we reveal your unique Centerpoint for Being. This provides a starting point and can be done for individuals, groups and organizations. You can think of it as a Vision, Values, Purpose, Mission, and Strategy for your own Life or for an organization, all rolled into one.

Because each path is unique as it unfolds, I offer mentoring and coaching to individuals to align, balance and integrate every aspect of your Life with your Centerpoint. This can be done in-person, via Skype or on the phone. I offer consulting to groups and organizations to align, balance and integrate systems and practices with its Centerpoint.

Knowledge and wisdom only come with reflection on experience. Focused and ongoing reflection on our history and how it is playing out in the present is required to access this wisdom and spur our growth.
In working with me, I will challenge you to confront yourself, your emotional history and boxes of thinking and wholeheartedly support you and encourage the full expression of your Centerpoint in the here and now.
To truly embody Leading as Love, we must shift our deepest beliefs, not just change an outer image, a mask of words, behaviors and actions. As you open to your Centerpoint and willingly expose the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that get in its way, their energy is released and transformed.
To support building the inherent capability of individuals, groups and organizations to mentor and coach their own alignment and growth, I also offer:

* Leading as Love Mastery Circles: Facilitated, small-group peer mentoring.
* Leading as Love Communities of Practice: Member facilitated mentoring.
* Co-creative Collaboration Circles: Facilitated, focused work that generates innovative solutions to eliminate problems.
* Leading as Love Individual, Group and Organizational Assessments.
As a Leadership strategist and commentator, I offer:

Strategic Advice and Consulting on What It Means to Be A Leader and Leading as Love.Thought-provoking Commentary and Discussion on What It Means to Be A Leader.
Coaches and consultants are welcome to contact me to explore how this might integrate with your own work.
Living as your Centerpoint for Being, Leading as Love, is an exploration and actualization of your own unlimited potential. What is yours?

Let Your Life Speak. Boldly. Bravely. Brilliantly. Nobly. Lead as Love.

* Lucira Jane Nebelung, Faculty member at The Graduate Institute,
Is The Founder & Principal of "Leading as Love".
She writes from Connecticut, USA.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A Simple Guide to What It Means to Be A Leader

* Lucira Jane Nebelung
by Lucira Jane Nebelung.

Simple does not mean easy. Leaders live in questions, not answers.
How do I ensure the dignity, well-being and growth of each and every person as a human being?
How do I engage in co-creative collaboration allowing Life to expand, to emerge and unfold?
How do I balance and integrate diverse perspectives into choices and actions that benefit all?

The Answer to How Is Yes.

Leaders Are Love's Presence
Who and what do I need to Care About that expands our meaning and contributions in Life?
Who and what do I need to Understand with compassionate comprehension?
Who and what do I need to Respect and not control or limit in any way?
What is my Responsibility in current circumstances and our mutual responsibilities for the future?

Leaders Create Unity in Diversity: Simple Truth of Life
How does this fulfill our unity and interdependence?

How does this fulfill our uniqueness and diversity?
How does this fulfill our freedom of choice?

Where are we disregarding our unity and interdependence?
Where are we disregarding our uniqueness and diversity?
Where are we disregarding our freedom of choice?

Leaders Embody Unity. Leaders Are Unique. Leaders Are the Truth and Freedom of Being.

We Are All Leaders in Life
Leaders Expand Truth and Freedom for All.

Leaders Live in Integrity, Authenticity and Security of their Centerpoint for Being.
Leaders Live the Uncertainty of Life.
Leaders Live Possibility and Potential.

Leaders Live without Easy Answers.
Leaders Trust themSelves, Life and so others.

We are all Called to Lead as Love. 

The Commitment to Lead as Love is the one change that Changes Everything. It starts with you.

What is Your Choice?

* Lucira Jane Nebelung, Faculty member at The Graduate Institute,
Is The Founder & Principal of "Leading as Love".
She writes from Connecticut, USA.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What It Truly Means To Be Pro-Life

by Lucira Jane Nebelung | Opinion

We are literally One Being with 7 billion faces, 7 billion Unique Points of Light. What we see in others is ourselves. What we do to others, we do to ourselves.

You can call yourself Pro-Life IF and ONLY IF you stand for and actively care about, understand, respect, and respond to each and every person as a human being, to all life and to our environment so that everyone and everything thrives.

Pro-Life means that we honor our Oneness, Uniqueness and Free-Will as the expression of Spirit's Love that is Self-Love.

Pro-Life means that each and every human being IS Loved: cared about, understood, respected, and responded to.

Pro-Life means that each and every human being feels safe and secure, freed from fear.

Pro-Life means that each and every human being has healthy food, clothing and shelter.

Pro-Life means that each and every human being has quality medical care.

Pro-Life means that each and every human being has a quality education.

Pro-Life means that each and every human being has a livable income.

Pro-Life means that each and every human being realizes their full potential as a human being, as the Love of Spirit in matter.

Pro-Life is Gratitude and Sharing.

Pro-Life nurtures and protects all living beings and the environment.

This is Service. This is Compassion.

Then we will have Peace on Earth. Anything less blocks and destroys Life. We are ALL in this Life together. Any other use of "Pro-Life" is hypocrisy.

Can you honestly say that you are Pro-Life? You Lead as Love!


* This excerpt by Our Associate Lucira Jane Nebelung Was First published on LinkedIn.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Identifying Real Beauty And Why We Should Not Compliment Deceit In Place Of The Real Thing

by Benson Agoha | Opinion

Does a spectacular combination of brain, good looks and confidence, two of them, important attributes of power, symbolize beauty? Is there a correlation between beauty and power?

For example, can we conclude that `beauty is powerful' and conversely, that `power is beautiful?' Perhaps, it's all matter of perspective

But in so far as our varying convictions about beauty go without a doubt, there are those who will argue that they recognize it when they see it. Do you?
Besides, custodians of `beauty' claim that they know it when they have it. One a sage admonishes that beauty is transient and ephemeral - just like power. Perhaps, this is why lovers of beauty seek it, to find it, understand it and know it - in case it disappears.

Some say beauty empowers uniquely. But, as much as it does, it is only internal strength that truly exposes and drives it to the surface. Simply put, power projects beauty. So beauty is a derivative of power.

How then do you recognize, and progressively reinforce latent strengths in others, to stimulate their beauty?

Psychologists believe that beauty is a product of happiness. In other words, if you want to be beautiful, try to be happy, even though you still have to pursue happiness.

Happiness, itself, is a `state' induced by different variables in exchange for its own by-products of varying behaviours that depend on the individual, and his personality characteristics.

Mystics and astrologers believe that beauty is a product of a different `state' that depends on an individual's `self-rising'. Self-rising increases one's sex appeal and radiance. Each of the standpoints have their relevance.

Furthermore, if recognizing what triggers inner strength proves difficult, defining `beauty' appears even more so. Yet many of us crave for beauty more than a superior inner strength.

Without inner strength, beauty exudes a forlorn and despondent morph of an outlook. Without `inner strength' also, `will' is lost, and without `will', there is no `hope'. Without `hope', radiance varnish. Without radiance, there can be no `confidence'.

There are then five variable features of appreciable beauty - all of them, in varying degrees, as shown in the above beauty pyramid:

Inner Strength: this harbinger of beauty is the energy necessary to consciously articulate and aim for a given cause.

Will: the determination to unwaveringly peck away on that cause towards the desired outcome - often seen as positive.

Hope: the belief that there is a future positive result that is derivable from that pursuit. Often, this is more tasking when all else points the vector to a wrong direction. Hope sustains trials and failures and encourages successive repeats.

Radiance: the noticeable result of that conviction that you are doing the right thing towards a desired goal. It is often seen and once manifestly leads to peak performance. It is the point at which `beauty' is observable.

Confidence: The point at which possessors of beauty are seen to exhibit noticeable self-belief as expressed in their postures. In turn, confidence produces an element of calmness and self-worth exemplified by inner peace.

Inferentially, beauty is a product of inner strength, will, hope, radiance and confidence - in that order.

Let me tell you guys a true story. I was once fascinated by a particular face - a Facebook friend. She was this exciting types with seemingly no dull moment. She radiated happiness, seemed on top of her game - each and every time. But with some 6,000 miles between us, physical proof of that personality was not possible.

One day, she uploaded new photos, looking faultless, her smile hiding any wrinkles, her chicks well rounded, two parted lips, beautifully coated with thick veneer of red gloss, exposed a perfectly brushed set glittering in front of the camera. Her eyes were hazel and caught at the right angle by the camera, it simply came out at you. Hair nicely done too.

I was sold to her beauty, and posted up my compliments: "Nice one are adorable, awesomely pretty you couldn't pass without heads turning...bla..bla..bla".

No doubt, as `many us' do to `many of them' on daily basis, I made her life easier. From across the pond, I could only imagine how she would have grinned from ear to ear, feeling like that proverbial Cinderella. Till her brother spoilt the fun for her.

"'s all done ooo.." he said, and added "'s all done - hair done, nail, done, teeth done, eyes done. Y'all got to learn to treat these women, the way they really's all done!"

Of course, most women won't let anyone see them without being "done". It's the reason we are often reminded never to judge a book by its cover.

Plato sought to assuage the feelings of diffidence, and the confusion that beauty quest creates in and for people and, and after exploring what true beauty really is, he concluded that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!"

Are you beautiful and, importantly, can you recognize beauty when you see it in others?

We may live in a world where courtesy and mischief have teamed up to culturize the art of complimenting deceit in place of beauty, but whenever you recognize the `truly beautiful', don't hold back.

Be generous - after all, generosity is beautiful!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Paris Attacks v Boko Haram Attacks: Why That Argument Is Not Valid

by Benson Agoha | Opinion

Like many others, I changed my Facebook photo in solidarity with France (right).

Surprisingly, questions are being asked why the world easily aligns with the French in such cases, when it has not done so for Nigeria, over Boko Haram.

As often is the case, many have argued that although Britain and America have the ability to wipe out Boko Haram, they have failed to do so because of what is essentially, a regional consideration. In order words Nigeria doesn't matter as much to them.

While it is tempting to ignore these insinuations and maintain a degree of silence, after all, they are arguably, to all intents and purposes, mere conjectures, it does seem in order if one made a different contribution.

In truth, no one may say, with certainty, what the determining factors for high level governmental decisions are - unless they have been privileged to be part of the relevant committee to recommend it. But given what we know, I have had to argue that our disposition to issues that concern us, also affects other people's reaction to our predicament.

Inferentially, a leader's initial reaction to acts of terror against his people, affects his capacity to attract outside help. It is a simple matter of syllogy - if you hate a certain pain so much, you are almost certain to be willing to accept help when offered.

Time and time again, France, and indeed, all civilized nations have shown their disdain for any form of acts of terror - irrespective of whether the individual is a citizen or not. Terror is terror, and as very often seen, it hardly does a victim any good.

Now, in the case of Boko Haram, one must ask - did the Nigerian government show immediate reaction and determination to counter it?

I remember watching a video of a BBC interview in which former President Jonathan Goodluck was almost loosing his temper during an interview, when the journalist wondered why Nigeria had not showed as much seriousness in fighting back until the last months of his administration.

His response included that the country had no weapons to fight, having not fought a major war since the Nigerian civil war ended in 1970. So, weapons had to be ordered, and allowed to arrive before something can be done.

Yet, despite not having fought a major war, Nigeria has had to deal with several home grown rebel movements which tasked its armed forces on law enforcement. Nigerian forces have also been involved in peace keeping missions abroad over the years, including Somalia, Sierra Leone, Liberia.

In Nigeria, the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) is a `secessionist group', the Oodua People's Congress (OPC) is `militant group' while (Boko Haram), took violence to a new level, and made it to the terror list. But violence is violence.

Together with several other groups, these rebels have unleashed many years of abductions, killings, blackmail as well as disruption to affairs of civil society.

President Goodluck told his interviewer that " President would be happy to be loosing citizens". Perhaps so. But would these happen in France, Britain or Germany, and not be tackled decisively?

As has been demonstrated time and time again, France, and indeed Britain and America do not tolerate any form of terrorist attack. For a grievance to be entertained, you are encouraged to channel it through the courts - and accept the verdict, by which the government also pledges to abide.

No form of violence is entertained, and whether it is home grown or foreign import, is immaterial. Therein lies the difference.

In 2015 Britain, culprits of the August 2011 riots are still being tracked and whenever any is caught, he or she will still face the law accordingly.

Doesn't one wise saying insist that "as you make your bed, so you will lie on it" Let's `make our bed' rather than argue over those who have made their's.